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If you lack space at home for a Full Body, this Half Body (torso) is the perfect solution. It is the same as a Full Body, molded from a real female model, just without the head and the limbs.

This female torso is a replica of a real Japanese model. With an attractive figure that many women would envy, it displays a slim feminine body, yet with curves, a generous bust, and toned muscles. It is a little thinner and has a less prominent butt; therefore, it is slightly lighter than its Latin and European counterparts.

Our designers, guided by a certified gynecologist, have reproduced her vaginal and anal canals emulating (with a few enhancements) the shape, texture, and rugosities of her genitals to accomplish maximum realism and the most pleasurable sensation, like if you were having intercourse with the model.

This torso is made of top-quality medical-grade TPE with an internal articulated stainless-steel flexible spine and femurs that provide support and allow the same realistic postures, torsion, and movements as a human body. CE and ROHS certified.
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Asian Female Torso

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