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This Vibrating Vagina has been designed just for you to maximize your pleasure during sexual intercourse.

On the outside, the clitoral area and lips wrap around your penis, massaging its body as you advance. On the inside, you come across a series of small bumps and a folded texture called "ruggae" that grabs your entire shaft. The combination of your movements with the vaginal vibrations produces a breathtaking sensation that elevates your experience to the next level. If you reach far enough, past that section, a series of molded stripes await to stimulate the head for an explosion of ecstasy. All those features work together to make you feel like you're actually inside a real woman in her sexual plenitude, demanding the best of your masculinity.

The material is made of TPE, medical-grade, soft as a real woman's skin, completely safe for intimate use and the environment.
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Vibrating Vagina

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